A fresh & inclusive approach to fully funded litigation.

We are Caresso Law. We specialise in fully funded, automatically insured, business and consumer litigation.

All legal costs, disbursements, court costs, counsel fees etc are funded in full, on a true no win - no fee* basis. Unlike typical third party litigation funding, there is no interest charge, underwriting or delays.

We’re the litigation specialists that can help you.

A tailored approach that puts the needs of our clients first.

Crucially, we focus on litigating - and fully funding - claims and disputes typically below £5 million. We cover most types of commercial dispute, professional negligence, clinical/medical negligence, serious personal injury as well as other complex damages based personal and business litigation.

The best possible legal team will always look after our clients.

The way we operate, as a consortium of specialist solicitors, means that you will always be given the opportunity to work with the best possible solicitor for your needs.

For our personal clients that means an expert solicitor with a detailed knowledge of that area of the law. For our commercial clients, it’s vital that our legal team get to know how each business operates and the individual needs of that specific company.

*After The Event (ATE) insurance is typically required and provided on a ‘day one’ basis where you have no existing Before The Event (BTE) insurance in place. Cover is provided by ARAG plc, the premium for which is fully self-insuring and deferred until successful conclusion of the claim, save as for a deposit premium typically ranging from £2,700 to £4,700 payable under our exclusive commercial scheme only. No deposit premium is payable with respect to personal injury or clinical and medical negligence claims.

** loans available from a third party supplier, subject to their terms and conditions and at their sole discretion.

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